This page is an old favorite on the Clan MacAlister Society website. It was written around 2003 (or earlier) by F. Eric Saunders, Esq., FSA Scot, and Chair Emeritus of Clan MacAlister. In 2008 and 2010 the information here was updated by Robert Saunders.  Sadly, it disappeared from our website for a few years. Now, October 23, 2017, it has returned!  This page lists the businesses which could be verified as existing as of 2017. It has been re-verfied for 2023. In the listings, the statements in quotes are Eric's.


Introduction and List by Eric Saunders

Links and Contact Info Updated: Apr. 2008, Oct. 2010, Oct. 2017, and Feb. 2023 by Robert Saunders.

This is a no nonsense page which is purposely devoid of much graphics. It is intended as a service to Scots, particularly those in America, to provide information about the available sources of Scottish attire and goods. If you know of additional sources which you would like to see listed, please provide the relevant information by email. Note the format of the listings and please try to provide all of the sort of information which I am listing, including a brief note about what sort of goods the vendor carries, and any specialties. I will, at my discretion, list any relevant sources that you might provide. But I will include your recommendation of a vendor — if and only if — you are willing to have your email address listed as the person who made the recommendation.

This effort is provided as a service to my fellow Scotsmen. I am not making any money from this effort, and I specifically disclaim any responsibility for any of the vendors listed or for any transactions that you might have with them. The vendors are listed in alphabetical order, so as not to imply any recommendations. Nevertheless, if I say that I bought something from a particular vendor, you can pretty much count on it being a great buy and great quality. (If I got burned somewhere, then I wouldn’t do the vendor the courtesy of listing it here, now would I?) While I may not be the foremost authority in such matters, you can probably tell that I have made the effort to educate myself as to the available sources of Scottish goods, so it is unlikely that I paid anything more than the lowest price for the quality of goods that I bought. Of course, I tend to buy only very high quality (why would you do otherwise, unless you didn’t know better).

If you are going to wear the kilt, you MUST find a copy of the J. Charles Thompson (February 21, 1917 – June 6, 1995) book So You're Going To Wear The Kilt. Mr. Thompson was the undisputed foremost American authority on modern Scottish attire, and his works are also highly regarded even in Scotland, itself. If you study the subject enough, you will find that some authorities might disagree on a few minor points, but you just can’t go far wrong by following his sage advice. (Ladies, note particularly the modern version of the arisaid, which he recommends. I couldn’t agree more that it is the perfect attire for a lady accompanying a gentleman who is wearing the kilt.) I will try to list some sources for this book, below – but this is a commonly available work which can be obtained from many vendors and at essentially any Scottish event where vendors are present.

Please note that I am not including here pages which would be of interest ONLY to pipers and drummers, as these are covered adequately elsewhere. (Click on the image of the pipes below to go to a listing of most of them.) However, many of the vendors listed here do also carry bagpipes and accessories in addition to their other lines.

You should check out the Tartans of Scotland: The Definitive Guide to Tartans on the Web. I'll bet there are variations on your clan tartan that you may not have seen before.

Please let these merchants know you found them through the web pages of The Clan MacAlister Society.


This is a genealogical resource book which can be ordered through Amazon and other online booksellers. The full title is Carolina Scots: An Historical and Genealogical Study of Over 100 Years of Emigration.

"Scotland and the Carolinas are separated by an ocean but united by a common story. The history of the Highland diaspora comes alive in this book."



"This is the shop from which I bought my dirk (at the Pozo games). They seem to have a nice selection of quality goods."

Previously we listed this as Kilts By Susan and Susan Brashear Kiltmaker. We believe she now runs the website as Susan Rose. It's uncertain.



"Just the name appeals to my Scottish heart. This vendor carries a variety of sporting goods such as firearms accessories and edged weapons. From time to time they have claymores and other weapons and accessories of particular interest to Scots at prices commensurate with their name."



137 E Marylin Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: (520) 721-8346

"Not a Scottish store, per se — but a source of a great selection of Scottish goods (as well as other sorts of period outfits, weapons and armor.) In particular, this is a great source of items for women, which is much needed given that most Scottish shops only have a very small selection for women. I got several things here, including what they call an "Irish Dress" for my lady, Gail. The Irish Dress is similar to the Arisaid (except that, since it only comes in a limited variety of tartans, we had to get it in a solid color to match her dress sash.) This is marketed as a period piece, but works very well as modern women’s Scottish attire for occasions when the gentleman might be wearing formal or semiformal Scottish attire."



Strathaird Steading


Isle of Skye

IV49 9AX

Tel: +44 (0)1471 866 366

Fax: +44 (0)1471 866 327

"Garth Duncan creates the most special blades and jewelry on earth. If you want the best dirk, sgain dubh, clan badge, or Celtic jewelry, then this is the place to look."




"One of the larger and more established full service Highland dress and accessories shops. In addition to the direct toll free hotline from the United States and Canada, they have a truck that tours the biggest Scottish events here. I bought my gillie brogues from them at the Sacramento games (in Woodland, CA). In my opinion, one of their coolest items is the white Prince Charlie."



The Royal Mile

59 High St

Edinburgh EH1 1SR

Scotland UK


"Distinctive kilts, boots, belts, and sporrans from this innovative and modern kilt designer. Makes frequent visits to major US cities for fittings and orders."



"You may have Braveheart and Rob Roy, but your Scottish video collection is incomplete without BATTLE OF THE CLANS. This is a new video from THE HISTORY CHANNEL which is the most comprehensive video treatment to date covering the Clans from the beginnings up to the present day. It is available for $29.95 by calling the above number."



"We bought some nice jewelry and sword hangers form these folks at the Sacramento games. Like all good importers, they have a selection of kind of "standard" items as well as a nice selection of special items which only they seem know how to find."

When Eric wrote about this business they had a PO Box in California. The current website shows the company being located in Ontario. It may be the same business as they specialize in Celtic jewelry.



Celtic Music Performances



10559 Lackman Rd.

Lenexa, KS 66219

Telephone: (800) 426-7268

"Highly recommended. This is a GREAT source of Scottish clothing and accessories. The prices on many items are absolutely the best anywhere (OFTEN BY MORE THAN $100). Also, a great source for pipe and drum uniforms and equipment. I got my Prince Charlie here, along with several other items. J. Higgins, Ltd. is a wonderful Scottish shop right here in the good old USA. The prices are the best without any sacrifice in quality. You owe it to yourself to check out their page."



Drummond Street





Phone: +44 1764 679000

Fax: +44 1764 679002

"Biggest selection of tartans, and the catalog makes it easy to shop. Prices are good."


Lamb's Haggis

1413 S.E. Mill, Roseburg, OR 97470

(541) 673-7463

Lamb's Haggis on Facebook (2023)

Formerly known as "Lamb's Etc." with a selection of Scots clothing and accessories, it appears he focuses mostly on haggis sales, but you can contact him on Facebook and find out more. (RS, 2023)

"Charles Lamb has an interesting line, including some very special items. I bought my badger sporan from him at the Queen Mary festival, and ordered an Inverness cape which I picked up at the Pozo games. The cape was a little on the expensive side, but nicer than those more commonly available. I also bought a very beautiful hand carved walking stick from him, but these are available in only very limited quantities and I get the feeling that he won’t sell you one of these unless he likes you. But this gives you an idea about the eclectic sort of collection he has. He also has a variety of Scottish oatmeals and has an FDA approved haggis. His shirts are recognized as being the most attractive and distinctive highland shirts around. You should look him up at the games, and by all means check out his new web site."


Phone: (925) 625-2673

"Highland shirts for men and women. Check out their web page. It looks like they have some very nice highland shirts at very reasonable prices."



80 Ontario Street

Stratford, Ontario

N5A 3H2


Toll-free: 1-888-771-0302

"This looks like a fine Scottish shop specializing in mail order. Some interesting items which I have not seen from other vendors."



"A great catalog. I haven’t ordered from them yet, but I intend to. I really like all of the clothing in their catalog, but am particularly fond of the doublets."



The Scotland Yard Ltd

802 Magnolia Ave

Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065

(502) 437-5697

"Not much information on the web page about what they carry, but the prices for kilts are very reasonable, indeed."

The website has grown over the years.



808 Proctor Avenue

Ogdensburg, NY 13669


(800) 355-7268

"Good selection. Fairly full line of clothing, and more different types of products (like glassware, pictures, and the like) than most vendors."



"Recommended by Billy G. Adams. They stock Celtic jewelry and will make custom jewelry to order. Mr. Adams says that they are making an EAGALACH badge."

There is a jewelry company and store website at this address, but it is uncertain if Eric was referring to one of their vendors.



Salinas CA 93901

"Jerry Lee deals in historic uniforms and accessories. He has sporrans and bonnets, and the like, which we all can use. But if you are trim enough to be able to fit into regulation size uniform gear (which I am not, by a long shot), you are really in luck here."